Think – Understanding, method and creative concept

Think – Understanding, method and creative concept

Romania try good patriarchal country where guys are far from encouraged are by themselves. “You happen to be the tough gender, cannot cry, dont show your feelings, rating a good “man” employment, end up being hard, draw it up!” is a discussion in most relatives. The fresh promotion tip: complications these types of stereotypes and you can motivate Romanian men become by themselves as a consequence of relatable stories.


An international rebranding looked to out function as prime chance of Remington to possess its own sound during the Romania. It absolutely was Remington’s very first communications venture during the Romania, just after several years of silence. Of course, the work came with several fantasies: to renew Remington’s visualize from inside the Romania, to glow talk within brand and to boost conversion process to have its champion products.


Remington’s address was an over-all listeners of people, 18 to help you forty-five years of age. Although not, lookup proved one to male consumers observed the brand as a brand for women. With including an appealing potential in the future, i paign and you may primarily target them. All this, that have at heart the main expectations: express the content regarding rebranding, adjust they in your neighborhood, as opposed to forgetting the merchandise that have been into the desire compliment of our very own projects geared towards the league Seznamka women and men.

Remington campaign talked on the susceptability and you will care about-anticipate inside the Romania, good patriarchal country where the male is thought to be the hard sex and you can people since the weakened gender. All of our promotion confronted it impression and you can stereotypes when you’re boosting sales having Remington. We wanted to generate for the one’s interior mind second thoughts that assist some body, especially people, have the courage to challenge personal stereotypes and create an existence of their own “Indrazneste sa fii TU!” – campaign’s tagline passionate from the globally position was virtually saying “challenge is yourself”.


The campaign () involved several tactics, some of them approaching women, others targeting men and some other targeting both categories. The Confident Series. The photo and editorial project we started with Andreea Retinschi and Andreea Verde gathered stories regarding worry about-like and mind-allowed. Self-love takes over. We collaborated with one of the biggest online magazines in Romania and – for one episode – we turned their love and sex show into a self-like let you know. Women say… In this editorial project involving Simona Tache we interviewed tens of different women on hot topics such as years, motherhood and you will personal challenges which affect female in Romania. Real men/women, real trials. Influencers tested the products while answering questions from their followers starting a much-needed conversation about vulnerability and self-acceptance.The next phase targeted men only. We started a conversation about men stereotypes in Romania and the unrealistic expectations society has from them, in a video series where different men tried to dismantle some of the most well-known stereotypes (“Men have dirty jobs”;“Men who show their feelings are weak”; “Men shouldn’t spend time in the kitchen”; “Men don’t need compliments“). The episodes can be watched on YouTube or on Remington Romania’s Twitter page.

Investigations – Perception

The company gathered one another regard and you may dazzling providers impact. Promotion efficiency: 5 mil anybody achieved. 700,100000 opinions. 73,100 personal relations. 1,600 natural progress into the Remington’s Instagram membership. Men issues conversion increased by 24% and you will women situations conversion process expanded by the eight%. “I’m positively in love with that it promotion”. “Remington did so it chill thing. We truly need alot more!”. “One of the most real techniques in Romania not too long ago”.

Creativity And you may Development

I asked our selves what it ways to become your real notice. Could it be when you’re insecure otherwise while you are strong? Confident or skeptical? The solution we discovered try you to being the real notice pertains to interacting with your own complete possible if you find yourself allowing wade every face masks. Why? As no-one can getting a much better Your than just you might.

Even though some labels discuss transform or simplicity, Remington encourages its users to demonstrate its true and you can real selves, no matter the ramifications. This is the way real boldness seems.

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