Turkmenistan Wedding Customs

Weddings in Turkmenistan are a special day. The wedding ceremony is well organized by the groom’s along with involves traditional melodies and dances. There is also a wedding feast. Also, it is a time intended for relatives and friends from both sides to get together.


Before the marriage ceremony, the bride wears a tahya, which is a could headdress that symbolizes virginity. It is padded with flowers. Once https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2019/09/how-date-without-dating-apps/597439/ the wedding is finished, the tahya is given to the bride’s youngest sis.

The marriage banquet requires a festive meal, which is made by the bride’s mother. Friends also party on lamb soup and spicy plov. Traditionally, the wedding is appointed for an auspicious month.

During the commemoration, the bride-to-be is customarily taken in a palanquin. The woman with surrounded by her friends, who have defend her from the bridegroom. In addition , there is also a playfully fixed fight.

The newlyweds must live in the parents’ home until that they pay the dowry. It is typically thousands of dollars in cash international dating for filipina women or animals. The marrying an turkmenistan woman price is usually paid by the groom’s father. Nevertheless , close family may help the bride prepare the dowry.

The bride-to-be will wear a particular outfit throughout the festival. She will also utilize a tyubeteika, a female’s costume. This can be used to secure the star of the event from nasty spirits.

After the ceremony, a celebration happens in the parents’ house. Musicians and folk traditions groups is going to perform classic songs. A few of the dances will probably be saz, ellik, and pishme.

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